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Does your power bank only support Specific Smartphone model with its USB output?

Our power bank supports most of digitals products such as smartphones, smart watch, MP3s and MP4s and dokmai LED blub.

Can power bank charge itself and recharge other devices simultaneously?

Yes, all our power bank have dual function.

How many smartphones or digital products can be charged at the same time?

It depends upon the different models of our power bank.

How can i know the power bank is fully charged?

Most of our power banks have a built-in four LED bulb indicator. The blue LED light sparks once the power is connected and all four LED lights on when they fully charged.

Is Dokmai power banks built with Li-ion battery or Li-polymer battery?

Our some model made with samsung Li-ion battery and few models with Li-polymers battery.

Which battery have more life- Li-ion or Li-polymers?

Both battery have their own advantage and disadvantage. Li-polymers battery last for long and there is no leackage, no explosion.

What should we be aware of when using DOKMAI power bank?

We suggest, while charging the phone please don't reveice any calls, don't keep the charger and phone in pocket while charging. We recommend keep aside while power bank is in use