Highly selling Model
DMP - B1
  • Li-polymer battery
  • Durable and safer
  • Fit your pocket
  • Most innovatove design
  • Protecton against
    • - Over current
    • - Over charging
    • - Leakage
Always lights on
Double click on /off button leads to lights on and off. LED lights are integrated with circuit for light on when needed.
No explosion!
Innovative design, aluminium body and polymos battery help to protect power bank from explosion.
Support Input and Output at same time
Circuit design for both function are same time. It faster as ever.
Dual Output
Two devices can charge at same time with 2.1A and 1A output.
Charging starts once plug in
Once plug in, device automatically start charge and level of battery shows by blue indicator LED bulb in power Bank.
Attractive Design
It's innovative design and smoothness curve easy to grip in palm.
Intelligent Safeguard
Integrated circuit design and in built software, protects power bank and safeguard to mobile devices at best level.
Smart Protection System
We protect power bank with nine layer of proctection layers
Temperature Resistance

Heat-sensitive and temperature control mechanism ensures Li-Polymer batteries operate within a safe range.

Protection from Short Circuit

Automatic protection to the motherboard and battery when short circuit occurs.

Reset Mechanism

Power button can be used to reset the power bank in unstable environment.

Input Overvoltage Protection

OVP circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging the device.

Protection from Incorrect Insertion

Detect when the charger is inserted incorrectly and automatically stop charging.

Protection from Output Overcurrent

Monitors output current and shuts off when current exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device.

Output Overvoltage Protection

Monitors output voltage and shuts off when voltage exceeds the maximum limit to protect the device.

Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge

Japanese technology is adopted to prevent overcharging and over-discharging from damaging the Li-Polymer batteries.

PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell

Imported battery cells are equipped with PTC to effectively control current and provide protection when temperature and current

Efficient Conversion Rate
The average power bank conversion rate upto 65% to 75% but DMP-B1 conversion rate upto 87%.
Compatible with all popular Smartphones, Camera, Tablets,etc.
Smart Protected Circuit Design
Circuit design are protected with three level of IC's and software which helps automatically turn off power outflow once wire pluged out from power bank. It save the energy for longer time.
Your Color
We offer five color in this model which is highly suitable for user.